XMAS MAXIMUS stuffs your stocking. XMAS MAXIMUS gives good cheer. XMAS MAXIMUS is Seattle’s premiere XMAS band, performing familiar and unfamiliar holiday tunes.

Immaculately conceived, XMAS MAXIMUS features the many talents of:

  • Anthony Aue (Eight Legs To Nowhere)
  • Jen Ayers (Teatro Zinzanni, Dream On, Honey Tongue)
  • Mike Cody (The Wiyos, Little Pack Of Taylors, Western State Waltz Project)
  • James Drage (SIL2K)
  • Gavin Guss (Tube Top, The Tycoons, Nada Surf, Gavin Guss)
  • Robert Henson (Dose, SIL2K, Transpacific, Western State Waltz Project)
  • Stuart McLeod (SIL2K, Transpacific)
  • Arthur Roberts (Posies, Peach, SushiRobo)
  • Dawn Smithson (Jessamine, SUNN O))), Low Places, Winter’s Day)
  • Barbara Trentalange (Spyglass, Sushirobo, Head Like A Kite, Crooked Fingers)
  • Alex Vollmer (The Royal We)

Contact info[at]xmasmaximus.com