XMAS MAXIMUS stuffs your stocking. XMAS MAXIMUS gives good cheer. XMAS MAXIMUS is Seattle’s premiere¬†XMAS band, performing familiar and unfamiliar holiday tunes.

Immaculately conceived, XMAS MAXIMUS features the vast talents of:

  • Anthony Aue (Eight Legs To Nowhere)
  • James Drage (SIL2K)
  • Gavin Guss (Tube Top, The Tycoons, Nada Surf, Gavin Guss)
  • Robert Henson (Dose, SIL2K, Transpacific, Western State Waltz Project)
  • Stuart McLeod (SIL2K, Transpacific)
  • Arthur Roberts (Posies, Peach, SushiRobo)
  • Barbara Trentalange (Spyglass, Sushirobo, Head Like A Kite, Crooked Fingers)
  • Alex Vollmer (The Royal We)

Contact info[at]xmasmaximus.com



  • Jen Ayers (Teatro Zinzanni, Dream On, Honey Tongue)
  • Mike Cody (The Wiyos, Little Pack Of Taylors, Western State Waltz Project)
  • Dawn Smithson (Jessamine, SUNN O))), Low Places, Winter’s Day)